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Our Site Rules
Be respectful of others, if someone's post or opinion bothers you, you have options:
Reply if you can be constructive in a positive way.
Move on to another topic.
In your User Controls you can block other members if you so wish to do so and that will avoid having to read that members posts.
Do not harass or bully any member.
Doing so is cause for immediate band without warning.
Absolutely no how to's on how to edit games files.
No requests for gifts which are not normally giftable in game.
No discussions on third party programs to edit game files
No adult content what so ever!
No flirting publicly on the shoutbox or in the chatbox.
If you have such feelings for someone, please keep it private in private messages or emails.
This public display makes others uncomfortable and has lead to trouble among members in the past if things end badly.
No advertising or re-direct linking
Do not post links to re-direct users to sites offering paid services.
Do not advertise other sites which offer the same services we offer ( that's like going to dinner at Burger King and asking for a Big Mac )
No proxy server or VPN connections
Using proxy servers aka VPN is forbidden.
If found to be using a proxy the IP of that proxy will be banned and you will be sent one warning only.
Continued use after a warning will result in your account being banned.
Proxy servers are well known tools for spamming forums and we wish to avoid such behavior, we hope you understand.

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