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My daughter

My daughter wrote this tune for her friends wedding.

Watch above embedded or click this link to watch on YouTube:

I watched 3 of them. She’s absolutely amazing! They were all so different, but my favorite one was the fiddle! She’s a wonderfully talented musician Kimmy. You must be so proud of her and her work.  Heart

Thank you Db for the sweetie comments and watching a few of her videos :)

She can no longer work due to her Multiple Sclerosis and other autoimmune disorders she has so she is trying to get a YouTube channel going and every view helps so much :)

I truly appreciate it :)

Wow!  Such talent!!  Thanks for sharing with us Kimmy, she is truly amazing. I enjoyed the bird videos as well. Reminds me of when we had our African Grey & Blue Amazon - they were like children and full of hilarious antics!

That was wonderful Kimmy - such a beautiful talent she has.

Nobby Sm108

Nice! I watched it here but will head over to check what else she has on YouTube so she’ll get a few more clicks. More power to her, wish her luck with the channel.   Heart

I over sitting here with my morning coffee and listening to her music! This piano piece she wrote is beautiful! And of course the fiddle, what talent!
Thanks for sharing.

Well I’ll just head over there again and give her some more views!  W2

Ohmygosh you guys are so awesome!!!

Thank you all for the support as well as the sweet comments, I will forward them to her :)
I'm so proud of her :)

Ricky, her Cockatoo is so unique :)
She rescued him from a Wildlife Park where he has spent 10 years in care of volunteers who really didn't know how to handle him.

He was rescued by the park from an abusive home.
Hannah took him to the vet who has cared for him since he arrived at the park over 10 years ago and he was shocked at his progress since coming into Hannah's care.

At first he wouldn't let anyone touch him except Hannah and that hasn't changed much but he will hang around people now as long as they don't touch him.

He came into Hannah's life at the exact moment she needed him most, she had just taken optic neuritis and was on sick leave...two months later the MS diagnosis came - in a sense they both rescued each other and the bond they have is so special.

I never realized how smart birds were until Ricky came along, I want one now too :)

Wonderful music Kimmy, your daughter has a real gift. Thank you for sharing this, I truly enjoyed it. I wish her the very best on her YouTube venture. I gave her a couple of clicks.

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