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New to Pearl’s Peril and need friends

I have just started Pearl’s Peril and just created a fake name on Facebook as Pearl Kingdom. I have never used Facebook before so don’t know how to add friends yet. I made note of the fake names in previous posts and will attempt to add them but would appreciate any invites.
I will also use this fake name for Far Kingdoms if that is possible.
Any help would be appreciated.
GG Snowbound.

What are you using for your picture on your profile? There is more than one listed, so would help to know which one you are. ;)

Since it was a fake id I used a picture of an older man in a chair. In checking on fb I saw that there was also a company on fb with the name Pearl Kingdom selling gems. I thought I was being clever combining the names of the two games I intended to play on fb (Pearl’s Peril and Far Kingdom) but I guess the joke is on me.
I used fake birthday too. How deep does fb check to see if you are legitimate?

I have been in Snowbound and I cannot see you yet.  I will add you.

All my account details is fake including my birthday but I set it up prior to the clampdown.  I rarely login into the account and only use it for PP and messenger (for the game only).

Fingers crossed that you will be up and running soon.

To find a friend I go and do a search, pick the right frien from the drop box.  In their profile details at the top, there is a box to send an invite to that person.  There maybe an easier way.

Hope this helps.

Nobby Sm108

I can’t see you either Snowbound, probably still verifying.  :)

Tried to get in again with no success so created a new account under another name and had no luck. Is there any way to play the game without going through fb. I played for 3 days before attempting to join fb and had no problem. Now when I try to get into the game it requires my fb password. I hate to start over.

So sorry you’re having problems, Snowbound, what a pain. :( Unfortunately there is no way to play PP with friends unless you have a FB account. Hope you can get it sorted, it’s an awesome game and it’s much better and easier with friends. Good luck, please let us know how you make out.  S14

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