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35 Illusion stickers playing ONE Anomaly

JThanks to Sue for info on how to finish getting my Illusion sticker quota using one anomaly.  She said she would post this but did not know when so I could could go ahead and post it.  Works on all devices.  I play on an IPad.

Play Illusion Anomaly, DO NOT ACCEPT GIFTS, completely close game, you do not need to crash game.  For laptops/PCs look for the “X” to close game, SWIPE OFF Screen, open game, check last game played for Illusion Anomaly - it should still be there, open award stats and you should have one Illusion credit for the game.  Do this as many times needed to meet 35 quota.  Should work on any anomaly sticker quota for new events. 

Thank you Sue, your awesome!

Thank you, Sue and Penny!  This is tremendous help for players who are still struggling with Illusions in this event. It is also the most valuable piece of information for future anomaly challenges.

I'll get this info to my non-GG friends. They deserve our help, too. Sm108

Thank you Penny that will certainly help in the future.

I have had to amend your ‘Post Subject’ as it was too long and was distorting the post.

Thanks again.

Nobby Sm108

Hi everyone
Thanks, this also works on Android tablet but you don't close game with the x on the screen  you tap the two little squares that close down the app at the bottom of the screen next to the home screen icon and then close down the app using the x in the right hand corner. 
Hope that makes sense

Thank you for this tip  :)
I have summoning amulets for the illusions anomaly,  but every time I try to use one, the game crashes  :(
I will give this a try. I just need to get a scene with the anomaly to make it work  headbang

thank you. let's hope that G5 does not figure it out and squash this bug.

Added note: You do get any rewards for completing the search and you do loose any tools that you used while searching.

(08-22-2019, 08:02 AM)hube2 Wrote: Added note: You do get any rewards for completing the search and you do loose any tools that you used while searching.

Exactly. That's the downside of this brilliant cheat. But it's still worth it to lose rewards and hopefully just a few cheap tools to accomplish the goal, in my opinion.  Sm106

Thank you!!!!!

While I do think about the 'prizes' I am passing up, it annoys me to no end that G5 was not sending the anomaly.  So I am happy to forgo the usual rewards to get a different kind of win.  I was fortunate enough to have a good location so it's not taking me much in the way of tools.

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