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Who is playing and who is not

I I have really about 51 people who look like they are.  But only about 30 that are. Any one having some of the same?  Don’t know if I should delete they or what.
Could use help on finding out. Can give names later. 

I think all my friends are playing.  You may have to give us the names so we can check for you.

You can also check if they are going into the game by going to the Chat section.  When you press on a friend you will see a date (top on the right hand side of the chat) of when they were last in the game.  If friends have not been in for over 3 months I delete them.

Hope this helps.

Nobby Sm108

Good tip Nobby.

R1 The only problem with Nobby’s tip is that the date/time refers to when they were last playing ANY g5 game, I think, not necessarily, as M says, they look like they’re playing but they’re not! Your own “interaction with me tab” is a better indication really, so long as you’re not playing other g5 games of course!  :)

Before deleting I normally send a chat to ask them if they are still playing.  Or I ask another friend within the same game.

Nobby Sm116

That’s a good idea Nobby...oh fr more hours in the day! I want to play!! ;)

Thank you will try that. Says I have 350 some players. It is more like 50. I will look. And thank you again


I just recently deleted friends who did not update to the new format.....they were not playing. The only exception was JW....He was my friend a long time before deciding he wasn’t going to play. However, he did say he had tried to update and couldn’t.....hope runs eternal.

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